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AutoSEL - Automatic Selection Generator Tool for 3DS Max


AutoSEL -Introduction Video

What is AutoSEL ?

AutoSEL is an automatic and Extreme fast selection generator tool for 3dsmax and Vray.


Features and Concepts:


•By Material, By Objects and By Groups selection methods

•Selections for Reflected and Refracted Objects

•Automatically Controls the IOR Properties of each Material.

•Considers the Reflect and Refract maps

•Auto Detect Reflected(Mirror) and Refracted(Glass) Materials.

•Output Ambient Occlusion Pass with one Click.

•Output your Selections to PSD format.

•Guarantee selection of every object and material in your scene

•INI Based UI.


The general idea of AutoSEL is to provide the user the ability to extract all of scene

objects based on his choice as separate images which can be used later on for

composting or Image Editing purpose,to tweak any element in the image to the level of

users expectations. this process if done manually takes hours of time and gives

unsatisfied results. Because manual selection process require the user interaction

with 3dsmax, manually creating and assigning material can become tedious task

especially in very heavy scenes where it needs visual feedback but because of high

detail and very high face count software lacks interactivity.



Features AutoSEL PSD Manager (Cebas)
Designed for Arcitectural and Interior Scenes with Vray Yes Not Specific(Overall)
Selections for Refected Objects Yes No
Selections for Refracted Objects with IOR Control Yes No
Option for Scene OR Seleceted Objects collection Type Yes No


Requirements : 3DS Max 2009 - 2012 32bit and 64bit

Limitation : Works only with Vray, use only for still Images.

Report Bug : Please report any bug that you find to

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Release History -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


2.1011 Version - October 2011


- Fixed mental ray error

- Fixed Blend Material Error

- Improved by Selected Only Method


1.59 Version - May 2009


- Fixed Some Major Bug's

- Added Consider Reflect and Refract Properties

- Added Consider IOR

- Added Map Support for Consider Reflect and Refract

- Added Selection for only Selected objects (this was requested for large scenes)

- Improved all functions for faster processing

- Added Propogate Material option

- Added Save Scene Before Run Option

- added mental ray optimization options

- Added up to 12 colors for RGB+

- Fixed 3dsmax Crash issues with specific material types

- Added some changes to UI


1.0 Beta Version (Initial Release) - March 2008




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