Welcome To Maxscripts Section. You will find here all My Scripts that I have created as per my production needs.

AutoSEL - Automatic Selection Generator Tool for 3DS Max


What is AutoSEL ?

AutoSEL is an automatic and Extreme fast selection generator tool for 3dsmax and Vray.


Features and Concepts:


•Reflection and Refraction aware selection methods

•By Material, Objects and Groups selection methods

•Output Ambient Occlusion Pass with one Click.

•Output your Selections to PSD format.

•Guarantee selection of every object and material in your scene

•Output Selection Passes of your Scene with wide range of options

•Control the way you want your selections with interactive UI Controls


The general idea of AutoSEL is to provide the user the ability to extract all of scene

objects based on his choice as separate images which can be used later on for

composting or Image Editing purpose,to tweak any element in the image to the level of

users expectations. this process if done manually takes hours of time and gives

unsatisfied results. Because manual selection process require the user interaction

with 3dsmax, manually creating and assigning material can become tedious task

especially in very heavy scenes where it needs visual feedback but because of high

detail and very high face count software lacks interactivity.


Note : Photoshop functionality is not added in Beta version

Requirements : 3DS Max 2009 - 2012 32bit and 64bit

Limitation : Works only with Vray, use only for still Images.

License :Commercial and Free

Advanced Node Based Randomizer


What is Advanced Node Based Randomizer?

Advance Randomizer is my approach to achive a ui friendly tool to control all randomization realated task

Features and Concept:

This randomizer is not only for Transformations(like others) but it is Node based yes that means you can randomize any node property of any array in your scene, whether it is scenematerials array whether it is custom array defined in maxscript, whether it is color array, whether it is current selection as array or whether the modifiers.... with advance randomizer you have the power to change any property on any N numbers of objects randomely within the given ranges..... This is Advance so you must know the basics of maxscript but i will strongly suggest you to first look at the demonstration video, even if you dont know maxscript you can still use advance features. but dont worry I have seperated the transformations so you can use it directly without any scripting.

(I am heavily testing it for bugs and I will make it

available for download soon)


Requirements : 3DS Max 2009 - 2012 32bit and 64bit

License :Commercial and Free

R-Buffer - Maya Render Window in 3DS Max


What is R_Buffer?

R_Buffer is my approach to Maya's Rendered Frame Buffer window for 3DS Max

Features and Concept:

R_Buffer is inspired from Autodesk Maya's Render Frame Window, those artist who are familiar with Maya's Render window are going to miss one of its most commonly known feature of ability of Keeping Images in memory. which is really helpful feature for the lighting artists and shader artist where they can compare and see all the minute and subtle changes by storing and comparing render images within buffer. Not only that but you can also import external image in buffer or you can take snapshot of viewport also. most of the options that are available in Maya's Render Frame window are available with R_Buffer.


Limitation : Comparison window will open separately, this is the limitation of 3DS Max, but soon this will be worked out.

Requirements : 3DS Max 2009 - 2012 32bit and 64bit.

License : Free

R_Mesh Manager


What is R_Mesh Manager?

R_Mesh Manager is very useful in very Heavy scenes with lots of Subdivision Surfaces.

Features and Concept:

It swithces all smooth objects iterations to viewport or to Render, lets imagine you have a scene where most of the objects have either mesh smooth modifiers with lots of detail, or turbo smooth or inbuilt NURMS from Editable Poly, In heavy scenes this makes your scene to crawl because it has to carry all that heavy stuff in memory. but now if you just use the Switch to Render iterations button in R_MeshSmooth Manger then you will easily get rid of that heavy stuff but still it will be visible in render. makes viewport handeling a lot faster.


Requirements : 3DS Max 2009 - 2012 32bit and 64bit



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