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R-Buffer - Maya Render Window in 3DS Max


What is R_Buffer?

R_Buffer is my approach to Maya's Rendered Frame Buffer window for 3DS Max

Features and Concept:

R_Buffer is inspired from Autodesk Maya's Render Frame Window, those artist who are familiar with Maya's Render window are going to miss one of its most commonly known feature of ability of Keeping Images in memory. which is really helpful feature for the lighting artists and shader artist where they can compare and see all the minute and subtle changes by storing and comparing render images within buffer. Not only that but you can also import external image in buffer or you can take snapshot of viewport also. most of the options that are available in Maya's Render Frame window are available with R_Buffer.


Limitation : Comparison window will open separately, this is the limitation of 3DS Max.

Requirements : 3DS Max 2009 - 2012 32bit and 64bit.

License : Free

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Release History -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


1.0 Version (Initial Release) - June 2009

- Options for saving rendered images and loading external image in buffer.

- Comparison slider at bottom of buffer.

- Option for region render

- Rendertime Dispaly

- Viewport snapshot option

- Option for swithing renderers

- Render setup dialog button




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